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Cybercrooks stalk small businesses that bank online
Once a cyber-robber is ready to carry out an unauthorized cash transfer, he needs a place to send the cash. That's where mules come in. Mules are accomplices recruited to open receiving accounts, referred to as "drops."

Mules transfer funds between drops until the cash makes it into the robber's hands. "There are thousands of money mules used to launder hundreds of millions of dollars," says Uri Rivner, director of anti-fraud technologies at RSA, the security division of EMC.

For several months in late 2008 and early 2009, RSA tracked activities of a website posting pitches for work-at-home "correspondence managers." The site's operators received 1,925 American applicants, hiring 33. Shortly after, the site shut down, and the recruiter presumably put the mules to work.

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Make sure you have a Software Firewall installed, these will prevent unwanted programs from accessing the internet including Password Stealers. Ideally, get the software from the makers website and use a Key to activate for security reasons. Otherwise, ensure that the file you download has a Valid Digital Signature to ensure that the file has not been altered ie had a virus/trojan added to it. Good Firewalls are Comodo Freeware version which has very strong protection but is a large download or Outpost Firewall Pro which is smaller and can be registered with an easily available registration code which does not become blacklisted. Other firewalls are also very good such as Kaspersky Internet Security but this firewall requires constant registration code updates so can be a bit of a nuisance....

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Response focuses on survivors
According to an article on the organization's Website, CRWRC in partnership with Trojan Industries, is sending three small, self-contained water

Should your company stop using Internet Explorer?
Hackers are engineering ever more sophisticated viruses, worms and Trojan horses that can increasingly outsmart traditional defense mechanisms. Instances of

Mac security: What you can ignore
In the past year, we saw one small botnet built from Macs, which had been compromised by a trojan hidden in illegally downloaded software. But since your

Cybercrooks stalk small businesses that bank online
Cybercrooks stalk small businesses that bank online A dedicated PC that's never used for e-mail or Web browsing is much less likely to encounter a banking Trojan. And the bad guys are stepping up ways to get

Morrisville company focuses on nanotechnology
“The particles get inside and like a Trojan horse, they release a chemotherapy agent and the cells die,” DeSimone said. Fowler said the technology allows

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Search Soft on - Clean Small Trojan
Search Soft on - Clean Small Trojan: W32/Small.HNM Trojan removal tool. ProgramVersion; Zebra VirusCleaner for Palm SmartPhone ProgramVersion; EMCO ...

SpyNoMore AntiSpyware: Remove Small (Trojan.Win32.Small ...
Description: Trojan/Small is trojan. A Trojans or Trojan Horse is any programs that installs itself secretly, quite often with sinister intent. ...

Remove Small Trojan, removal instructions
Small Trojan usually infects the system from various Internet resources (such as peer-to-peer networks) or e-mail messages from unknown senders. Once

Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Small.YUT aka Dropper.Agent.JHZ ...
Small.yut is a trojan downloader, attempts to download and execute another malware files from the URL specified within the trojan. ...

Trojan.Downloader-Small Removal Instructions
Trojan.Downloader-Small is designed to infiltrate your computer and open a conduit by which large amounts of adware and spyware can be