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Were Googlers Involved in Chinese Cyber Attack?
McAfee Labs identified a zero-day vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Explorer that was used as an entry point for “Operation Aurora” to exploit Google and at least 30 other companies. Microsoft has issued a security advisory and McAfee is working closely with them on this matter. “Operation Aurora” was a coordinated attack, which included a piece of computer code that exploits a vulnerability in Internet Explorer to gain access to computer systems. This exploit is then extended to download and activate malware within the systems. The attack, which was initiated surreptitiously when targeted users accessed a malicious Web page (likely because they believed it to be reputable), ultimately connected those computer systems to a remote server. That connection was used to

trojan-downloader.win32.agent (ZLOB) Virus removal

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Вас забрасывают всплывающими объявлениями? Вы видите новую панель инструментов в вашем браузере? Ваша домашняя страница изменяется на нежелательные сайты, или вас забрасывают раздражающим спамом? Возможно, странные программы загружаются при запуске системы или в ваших избранных ссылках имеются новые адреса, которых вы не добавляли и которые Вам вовсе не нужны. Если так, то, по всей вероятности, ваш компьютер заражен: рекламным ПО, шпионским...

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Голубятня: Факевар
Голубятня: Факевар Agent.dapb (по Касперскому) или BehavesLike:Trojan.UserStartup (BitDefender). Пик активности этого вымогателя пришёлся на 30 и 31 октября. uFast Download Manager изображает из себя крутой «ускоритель загрузок», который вы якобы добровольно установили (на самом деле никто ничего не устанавливает

Waledac Botnet Using New Year Theme to Expand
The website link provided in the scam e-mail lands victim to a fast flux domain site serving Trojan-Downloader:W32/Agent.MUG. The victim will become a part

Top malware threats
These trojans attempt to download malicious executable files. Kaspersky also cited 'Trojan-Downloader.JS.Twetti.a' as an example of cybercriminal creativity

Da Kaspersky Lab la Top20 Malware - dicembre 2009
Shadraem.a, Trojan-Downloader.JS.Kazmet.d sono invece script di download di diversi livelli di complessità logica e capacità di auto-offuscamento, i quali

Waledac spreading through fake New Year's e-cards
The payload in this particular campaign is Trojan-Downloader:W32/Agent.MUG, a version of the Waledac trojan, Hyppönen said. Once the trojan is installed

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Trojan.Download.Berbew is a Trojan Horse that affects machines ... This Trojan Horse has been spammed to a large number of individuals in an email message claiming to be from ...

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Trojan Remover Downloads Page. Trojan Remover not only detects Malware files but automatically removes them, without the need to use DOS or SAFE mode.

YouTube - Remote Access Trojan Downloads
Remote Access Trojan Downloads free Remote Access Trojan Downloads vista Remote Access Trojan Downloads windows Remote Access Trojan Downloads online Remote ...

Downloader | Symantec
Type: Trojan Horse. Systems Affected: Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, ... Downloader connects to the Internet and downloads other Trojan horses or components. ...

Trojan -- Download Squad
Beta 3 has just been made available for download and it fixes a number of bugs and performance issues. ... malware, personal antivirus, PersonalAntivirus, rogue, trojan ...