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World Wide Web of hurt: Online dangers can reach almost anyone, anywhere

What's worse are those inappropriate photos taken at last year's Christmas party showing up on Facebook. Those comments and photos can come back to haunt you years from now when you are trying to apply for college or a job.

Yes, employers these days are checking the Internet to see what type of person you really are.

Cyber safety is easily overlooked. Meanwhile, the dangers that lurk within the walls of the Internet can not only threaten your child's well-being but can also permanently damage his or her reputation at a young age.

Greg Maloney of Stroudsburg is a 16-year-old computer aficionado who, like many other teens, has been on numerous social Web sites and online games, especially Facebook.

Three ways Mac users can get infected by the OSX/RSPlug Trojan horse

AVG Internet Security 9.0

AVG Internet Security 9.0 combines all the modern detection technologies in one integrated security solution: signature, heuristic, behavioral, in-the-cloud, and white listing. This combination of approaches delivers a comprehensive security package.FASTER – Scanning times can be a key requirement for customers. AVG Internet Security 9.0 utilizes a methodology that marks files as safe or potentially unsafe and then doesn’t scan the safe files again until the file structure changes. This reduces scanning times by up to 50 percent. SAFER – We have increased the degree of integration between the Resident Shield, firewall, and Identity Protection modules, allowing them share malware information with one other. This results in increased detection.We listened to our customers and...

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Trojan Threats Ruled Roost in December
In both cases, Trojan threats led the way and accounted for almost 20 percent of all the malware activity detected by the company's filters. Trojans

World Wide Web of hurt: Online dangers can reach almost anyone, anywhere
There are free programs for protection against 'malware' and 'Trojan' threats (computer verbiage for software used to infiltrate a computer system without

Google threat to leave points up China-linked cyber attacks
Google threat to leave points up China-linked cyber attacks Not only were the e-mails in flawless English, but they also used insider jargon that fooled even Silicon Valley technicians into opening attachments

'Rootkits' pose another problem for Windows
Sometimes the rootkit is used to hide a Trojan that is used to steal information on a PC or to take over the PC and use it as a "bot" on a rogue network

How to Clean a Computer & Make It Run Faster
Download and run a program specifically designed to check for virus and Trojan threats. An example of a free one is Avira (see the Resources section for a

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Trojan horse (computing) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Trojan horses are designed to allow a hacker remote access to a target computer system. ... Trojan horses require interaction with a hacker to fulfill their ...

Blended attack - Trojan Threats Ruled Roost in December ...
Trojan attacks once again led the way in terms of the sheer volume of threats tracked by security researchers during the month of December. ...

Trojan.FakeAlert - Threat Details
Information and removal instructions for the Trojan.FakeAlert infection, this infection can be detected and cleaned using Spyware Doctor.

Experts Warn of Growing Trojan Threat - Security from eWeek
Trojans could be lurking unseen on many companies' networks, stealing sensitive information.

PRG Trojan - Research - SecureWorks
SecureWorks Research Center leverages information and analysis available from SecureWorks' rich database of security incidents and skilled security experts