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The New EU Health Commissioner: Industry's Trojan Horse?

The November announcement of a switch in European Union responsibilities for pharmaceuticals sowed alarm and despondency within the pharmaceutical industry in Europe. The fear was that key priorities would be neglected with the removal of drugs policy from the industry commissioner’s portfolio.

Giving it to the new health commissioner would, it was assumed, dilute the industry’s influence in an ocean of well-meaning but misguided social babble led by health-insurance and health-activist lobbies.

John Dalli, the little-known nominee for the new post, may be about to prove the industry fears unfounded. The minister from Malta, who is due to take office in the new year, has indicated a strong pro-industry line in his first official utterances.

In a letter to the European Parliament, he makes clear that one of his priorities will be “to make affordable, safe and efficacious medicines available to patients across the EU.” Integrating pharmaceuticals into public health “requires careful management,” he says,  and “we must strive to reinvigorate this sector through innovation and enhancing its economic competitiveness.”


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