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Suggestions if you want to do ad layout
At the newspaper, we are noticing an increase in the number of advertisers wanting to perform their own ad layout and submit the product to us press ready. This could be an advantage to both parties. For the advertiser, nothing is “lost in the translation” between the ad salesperson and the newspaper ad layout people.

For the newspaper, there might be some labor costs saved. Unfortunately, this has proved to be a fantasy so far because we often spend more time trying to unravel what the beginning ad layout artist did wrong than had we performed the ad creation ourselves.

Another problem sometimes not recognized by the amateur layout person is different rules apply for different publication methods such as laser printer, ink-jet printer, commercial glossy print job on a high

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HP, Dell offer 3G in laptops, so why not Apple?
HP, Dell offer 3G in laptops, so why not Apple? I'm just aware of their shortcomings. by cnetguard January 17, 2010 12:00 PM PST The problem is that the market for 3G access built into laptops is not

Mobility Matters
The iPhone is a rich portable computer with on-board sensors capable of gathering huge volumes of data. Specifically, it is a location-aware (GPS), motion

Doing business in Jerusalem
Doing business in Jerusalem Here are some cultural differences to be aware of: Israelis often don't shake hands when meeting and greeting. Israelis are less concerned with punctuality

The Era of Big Search is Over: Why 2010 Will Be All About Content
This summer, it purchased map software startup Placebase, and several of Apple's patent filings this fall suggest it's interested in location-aware mapping

ARNewsline # 1692 -- Jan 15 2010:
On Wednesday the ARRL put out a notice saying that amateur radio operators should also be aware that emergency traffic pertaining to the Haitian earthquake

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