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Frustrated With Government Lies, Mexican Electricians Declare Wildcat Actions
Following President Felipe Calderon’s executive order that shut down state-owned Luz y Fuerza and put its 44,000 workers out of a job, Mexico’s other state-owned electricity company, the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), began to remove equipment from Luz y Fuerza facilities. When Calderon shut down Luz y Fuerza, he put its infrastructure and territory under the CFE’s control.  However, former Luz y Fuerza workers, who consider their sudden firing to be illegal and immoral and continue to fight for work, were outraged that the CFE was “plundering” expensive equipment from their former workplace.  Workers set up protest barricades in front of their former workplaces in order to block the CFE’s trucks from hauling out more equipment.  Representatives from the Mexican Electricians Union (SME) visited the barricades, informed the workers that they were engaging in unsanctioned protest activity, and requested that the workers remove them. Workers at many barricades refused the union’s request, and the union refused to recognize and support the wildcat barricades. The workers at the Lechería barricade report frequent harassment from Federal Police.  Heavily armed Federal Police first showed up at the barricade on December 15, reportedly to “intimidate” the workers in the barricades.  On the night of January 7, approximately 30 Federal Police reportedly arrived to forcibly disassemble the barricade.  The police removed materials that blocked the entrance and forced open the plant doors.  According to the workers, they carried out a turbine, four jets, and a pick-up truck filled with tools and spare parts.  The Federal Police then entered the workers’ plantón (protest encampment) located near the barricade and stole a laptop computer that belonged to the workers.  Raul Navarrete, a former Luz y Fuerza worker who helped staff the barricade, told Narco News that the computer contained videos, photos, and texts that documented the workers’ protest activities since they were first laid off.  At the time of publication, the police refuse to hand over the laptop. Navarrete: This barricade was organized by workers from Lechería.  They decided to come and camp out in protest on December 7. They made the decision when the CFE and the Federal Police began to take valuable equipment from the jet repair workshop in the Lechería power plant.  [The former workers] came out despite the fact that the SME offered absolutely no support.  So the workers, who are SME members, got together and set up the protest encampment.  More compañeros who also worked in that plant in Lechería started to come out.  And that’s how they started to organize themselves.

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