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Mexican Drug Policy Reform Movement Takes Shape

International Conference in Mexico City Provides Hope, Inspiration to a Budding Domestic Movement

This past February 22 and 23, drug policy experts and organizers from around the world gathered in Mexico City for “Winds of Change: Drug Policy Around the World,” a conference organized by the Collective for a Comprehensive Drug Policy (CUPIHD) .

The conference was the first event CUPIHD has organized as a collective. Jorge Hernández Tinajero, CUPIHD’s president, told Narco News, “All of [CUPIHD’s members] have been working on this issue for at least ten years from our respective areas of expertise.” However, it was only recently that they joined forces under the banner of CUPIHD, which they founded last year “ in order to transform the drug policy in Mexico to one with a harm reduction and human rights perspective .” According to fellow CUPIHD member and former federal Congresswoman Elsa Conde, the Winds of Change conference “is just the beginning.”


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Офисные работники проводят время в соцсетях и блогах
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Rob Glaser was a pioneer of badware
Many of the commentators that covered the news didn't mention his leading role in helping to pioneer what today is the dark side of the Internet: malware

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Extending range of Wi-Fi with routers
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