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Trojan Threats Ruled Roost in December

Trojan attacks once again led the way in terms of the sheer volume of threats tracked by security researchers during the month of December.

According to experts with Sunbelt Software, based on their month-long scanning efforts, the mix of attacks seen over the course of Dec. 2009 was very similar to what was observed during November.

In both cases, Trojan threats led the way and accounted for almost 20 percent of all the malware activity detected by the company's filters. Trojans specifically accounted for some 18.7 percent of all attacks in the final month of the calendar year.

As they have for years now, the attacks that disguise themselves as legitimate files or programs remain the primary method that attackers are attempting to use to dupe people, a sign that the technique must still be finding plenty of victims.

trojan-downloader.win32.agent (ZLOB) Virus removal

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Schadprogramme im Dezember 2009: Angriffe werden immer ausgeklügelter
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