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Trojan Remover 6.8 Free Trial Download And Short Review

In this article, we will talk about Trojan Remover, a small piece of software that packs quite a punch when dealing with trojans and internet worms. Skip at the bottom for the download link for the free Trojan Remover 6.8 Trial, or keep reading for a short review.

Trojan Remover is a small but very useful utility you can use to detect and remove malware from your computer. While some might say that Trojan Remover is made obsolete by more “complex” security solutions, you might think twice, as Trojan Remover is very effective at keeping Trojans and Internet Worms at bay.

First of all, the database Trojan Remover uses is quite impressive: it currently holds more than 23,000 malware signatures. This database is flavored with features such as a heuristic engine, boot-time scanners and almost everything you need when dealing with Trojans and Worms.

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Makers of Trojan Remover for Windows.

Download Trojan Remover
Trojan Remover Downloads Page. Trojan Remover not only detects Malware files but automatically removes them, without the need to use DOS or SAFE mode.

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