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Enterprise-Class Stupidity

I came this close (imagine me with my thumb and index finger about an eighth-inch apart) to doing something colossally dumb earlier this week. It’s something that I should have known better than to even contemplate, and fortunately, I hesitated before I clicked that mouse button. Unfortunately, while I’m a suspicious kinda guy, most users aren’t. Almost everyone would have made the mistake I almost made.

The mistake? Voluntarily downloading a known Trojan onto my computer, and then installing it. Here’s what happened. Earlier this week I installed an updated version of an antivirus program on the primary workstation in the lab. It ran its full system scan, and it found the Trojan, and sent it off to purgatory, otherwise known as quarantine. Unfortunately, the antivirus program didn’t remove the Windows registry entry that told the computer to launch the Trojan on startup.

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Looking back at 2009 in 2010. (Part 2)

Reinstalled Windows XP because of the Protection System attack of July 10. Also, my first encounter with a rogue P2P client I was tricked into installing called BitRoll. I got that when I found a fake site that claimed to have had Koala Boy Kokki on torrent. The page I was to get it from said I needed to get BitRoll if I wanted to download the torrent. Later when I came back to the page, it changed to a site that had a lot of pornographic pictures on it. Then, I got hit with Protection System for the second time. After I reinstalled Windows for the second time that day, I looked up Protection System and found so many sites saying how to remove it. I read this: antimokracekcampaign created a video called "To Erik's two new buddies..." which warned me and unicronthechaos11 that we were...

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