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Storage tips for undecking the halls | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/30/2009

Much like returning from a vacation, putting away the holiday decor just isn't as fun as getting it all out.

These pointers from a trio of organizational experts can keep the seasonal clutter out of your way - and even make next November easier.

Pare down. "Don't be afraid to get rid of the stuff you don't like," says Darcy Munzer, owner of Organize4U in Independence, Mo.

If it's broken, it doesn't work, or you haven't used it, toss it, but donate what's in good condition.

Consider the sentimental value. The half-melted choirboy candles have always been on the mantel at Christmas, says Mary Ellen Vincent, owner of OrganizeMe in Kansas City, "because they remind me every year of my mom."

For some items, though, you may be able to snap a picture to preserve


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But we don't know or track WHO is carrying that badge. I am not arguing that everything is perfect. Abuses are made and people need to be well aware that

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- Adware.Tracking Cookie
Tracking cookies are used by many types of sites to determine where you may have surfed, ... Cookies are also used to remember logins on certain webpages such as ...

The home of Spybot-S&D!
Adware is similar to spyware, but does not transmit personally identifiable ... Another kind that is detected under the spyware category is tracking cookies. ...

trojans, adware, tracking cookies
I ran webroot antivirus and found that i have trojans, adware, and tracking cookies for a total of 64 items. I need help clearing all this off my computer please. ...

ADWARE.TRACKING COOKIES ... Should i be worried about these cookies?? NO delete them from SAS, and clean your cookies regularly from the browser's interface. You can also use ...

Adware tracking cookies
finds Adware tracking cookies, which I delete as suggested. ... Tracking Cookie. January 13, 2008, 7:09 am. tracking source of virus. December 14, 2005, 1: ...