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Expert: Fraudsters Pull Tricks With Google Ads

But despite new methods and tools to stop fraud, companies such as Continental and others sometimes get the short end of the stick, paying too much for online advertisements.

In his latest research, Ben Edelman, an assistant professor at the Harvard Business School, asserts that Google hasn't done enough to prevent fraud related to how its text ads are distributed by advertising networks.

"Google claims to exercise greater care when it comes to supervising these third-party ad display partners," said Edelman, who has provided details of the problem on his blog . "They claim to be careful about this."

Advertisers such as Continental sign up with Google's AdWords program, bidding on keywords that will trigger text ads that will be shown on Web pages and other sites that have related content. If the ad is clicked, Continental pays.

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Windows 7 Running Slow - Computer Working Slower After Upgrading Windows

If your Windows is working slow after upgrading your operating system to Windows 7, you are not the only user who encounter this problem. Some people even go to buy a new memory or a new computer since they thought it is too difficult to run Windows 7 for their old computer. But as experienced user, I consider that you can speed up your computer to make it fast enough to run Windows 7 without having to buy a memory upgrade or a new computer absolutely.

Here are some of the reasons causing your computer slow performance and by following there steps you can fix them.

1. Too many programs installed in your hard drive which occupy much system resource then slow down the computer performance.

You must have an antivirus program, some famous antivirus programs also take up lots of space and result in a slow running of system.


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Dr.Web CureIt! (14.01.2010) - скачать \ download
Работает Dr.Web CureIt без инсталляции, поэтому в программу не входит модуль автоматического обновления вирусных баз, и для того, чтобы просканировать компьютер в следующий раз с самыми последними обновлениями вирусных баз, нужно будет просто снова скачать Dr.Web CureIt!

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How to download McAfee Internet Security 2010 serial ( license key ) free The McAfee Internet Security Suite 2010 is able to protect your computer from threats like hackers, spammers, scammers, viruses, trojans, spyware, malware

ICE, Justice Department playing with cards up the sleeve in high-stakes ...
ICE, Justice Department playing with cards up the sleeve in high-stakes ... Do You download windows xp recovery disk Really Need to Remove Spyware and Adware from your PC. when there, vista oem motherboard, is trouble you will

Free Valentine's Day Wallpaper, Screensavers Grow In Demand
Free Valentine's Day Wallpaper, Screensavers Grow In Demand During the holidays, hackers create Websites for people searching for holiday-related wallpaper, Christmas carol lyrics or festive screensavers

RealNetworks' CEO exits; its woes remain
(Doesn't that sound a bit like a definition of "adware"?) This pushy, invasive resource hog became one of the most-hated programs on the Internet

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AdWare Systems, Inc
Advertising industry software and services, media buying.

AdWare -The Leading solution for Anti-Spyware
Download the NEW Adware 2009! Allows computer users to combat malicious spyware. and ... Copyright © 2009 All rights reserved | Terms and Privacy ...

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