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Police Blotter: Car Smashes Neighbor's Mailbox On Milne Street

Store manager Megan Ellis said a cash box with $300 inside was missing. She said the front door damage was around $500.

A video showed a man throw a rock through the front glass. He tried unsuccessfully to get the safe open, then went for the cash box.

Police said it appeared he was a black male, around 5'8" and medium build.

He was wearing a hooded sweatshirt with large writing on the front. The hood was blue and the arms blue.

* * *

A female on Ocoee Street said while she was sleeping her cousin pulled down her pants and panties. She said she did not know if he had touched her.

Authorities said since she does not know if she was touched, the case could not go forward.

* * *

James Forrester said he was approached

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Digital signage, privacy and Generation i
It showed a box of Trojan condoms on a store shelf, implying that retailers would use the technology to track your every move. Does it? MSNBC never answered

Cut the Pacman some slack, please-but not Tiger
Cut the Pacman some slack, please-but not Tiger And he also need not worry about his endorsement options being limited to Trojan condoms or Vimax (“Surprise her with a bigger penis”) pills. He may have

Hollywood Headaches: Debonair Duhamel
It smells like Trojan condoms. Kate: SHUT THE HELL UP! I wear the pants in this household. Take your porcupined spears and shove them up your ass! Kate

Police Blotter: Car Smashes Neighbor's Mailbox On Milne Street
At the Exxon on Shallowford Village Drive, a female clerk said she saw a man put a three-pack of Trojan condoms in his back pocket. She said he paid for

Contraception: The Most Green-Friendly Technology There Is
Bottom line? If you want to invest in companies that are committed to reducing global warming, skip all those hot green energy stocks. The publicly-traded

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Trojan is a brand name of condoms manufactured by the Church & Dwight Company. ... Trojan condoms were first manufactured in 1920 by Young's Rubber. ...

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