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January 15th- Methos and Tut argue over Helen, Methos insists that they should have left long ago, and would have if Tut “hadn’t been infatuated with the fickle cow.” “You want to leave? Leave!” Helen, fearing for the city calls for Xena, who arrives with Gabrielle. Methos has heard of Xena’s expoits as a warlord and believes that the situation has gone from bad to worse, until she helps defend the city walls. He and Tut are both impressed by her skills. The Trojans are betrayed by Deiphobus, Paris’ brother and captain of the guard, as he has fallen for Helen as well. Methos is incensed; “That woman must have been placed on this world to destroy Troy. Or at least make my life more difficult.” Deiphobus kills Paris and allows the Greek army to sneak into the city in...

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Germany, France warn Internet users to avoid Microsoft Explorer
Germany, France warn Internet users to avoid Microsoft Explorer The vulnerability in question could possibly allow a so-called Trojan Horse to enter a given computer. The concept of the Trojan Horse comes from Greek

Nintendo's Trojan Horse - Stuff That Came
Their new RPG, "Glory of Heracles," is set in the land of minotaurs, Zeus and gyros, and to get folks into the spirit, Nintendo sent along the game with an

No Trojan Horse
No Trojan Horse Sports fans have awfully short memories. A decade ago, when USC first hired Pete Carroll, there was an uproar. Living here in Los Angeles, I can tell you

Trojan horse
In Greek mythology, the was a stratagem that allowed the Greek army to enter the city of Troy and end the drawn-out Trojan War. The Trojans

How Conservatives Can Use “Education Reform” as a Campaign Issue
Suggested reading: The New Illiterates; NEA: Trojan Horse in American Education; The Victims of Dick and Jane; Revolution via Education by Samuel L

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Trojan horse (computing) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Once a Trojan horse has been installed on a target computer system, it is possible for a hacker to access it remotely and perform various operations. ...

Trojan Horse - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For other uses, see Trojan horse (disambiguation). Detail from The Procession of the Trojan Horse in Troy by Domenico Tiepolo (1773), inspired by Virgil's Aeneid. ...

Trojan Horse Attacks
Security information for Internet Relay Chat (IRC) users, such as Trojan horse attacks, takeovers, etc.

History of the Trojan War
The Trojan War has its roots in the marriage between Peleus and ... The Trojan Horse. Still seeking to gain entrance into Troy, clever Odysseus (some say with ...

Trojan Horse: Definition from Answers.com
Trojan Horse Trojan Horse , also known as the Wooden Horse, a device resorted to by the Greeks, after the death of Achilles, to capture Troy