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A Power Vacuum: Huskers Must Jump On The Opportunity
jump on the Ohio State bandwagon, or if you want to stick with Nick Saban and the Rolling Tide of Alabama, which most people will do.

However, throughout college football, there is no real clear cut number two.

And remember, it takes two to tango.  If Alabama is the favorite to win next year who is the number two?

Plenty of teams certainly have the "why not us" attitude and why not them?

So as a Nebraska fan I am forced to ask, why not us? 

Nebraska stood at the cusp of a Big 12 championship this year, shutting down a Texas team that couldn't even be shut down by the vaunted Alabama defense.

Yes, before you flood this article with comments, I do know Nebraska lost Ndamukong Suh, Phillip Dillard, Larry Asante and Matt O'Hanlon, but head Husker Bo Pelini is an outstanding judge of talent, and apparently Nebraska should be just as, if not more talented on defense next season.

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2010 preseason college football rankings

It seems that every year, no matter what talent they lose, the Buckeyes are vying for a BCS national championship game berth. Thanks to a weak conference, Ohio State has been able to leapfrog others, more talented team and land BCS's slots. This year it will be no different. The only trouble spot looming is September 12th home game against a rebuilding USC squad. If they win, the rest of the schedule looks manageable. But if they, once again lose to a big time program, and at home, the fall from grace will be hard and thunderous. OSU has the talent to play with almost anyone. QB Terrelle Pryor is a budding star. If Coach Jim Tressel can rebuild the defense, which took a very hard hit, there will be roses in Columbus come New Year's. Houston Nutt has quickly assembled a formidable squad. For...

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A Power Vacuum: Huskers Must Jump On The Opportunity
A Power Vacuum: Huskers Must Jump On The Opportunity But, of course, Trojan fans will also follow the why not us trend with whoever their future head coach may be. Jim Tressel and Ohio State have finally won a

Drummers, Drag-sters and Death Rockers
But before that, we've got Bat Cave (formerly at Medusa Lounge) spreading its wings to a bigger venue, Circus, this Saturday, Jan. 16. BC generated some

WSJ: Apple tablet shipping in March
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O'Connor Introduces "The Olympians"
I skip around in mythological time quite a bit, but I knew that, for example, since I'm telling the story of the Judgement of Paris in Aphrodite's book, it

Trung Quốc: Hoạt động tin tặc là trái luật
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