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And the innovation shows no signs of slowing.

Among the latest offerings are the Durex ''Bare'' condom and the Lifestyles ''Skyn'' condom. Both are made from the latest material to be drafted to the cause: polyisoprene. The apparent advantage of this material is that polyisoprene is the pure polymer that gives the more complex latex its strength and elasticity, but leaving less likelihood of any allergic reaction, as sometimes happens with latex. Durex and Lifestyles also promote the material as remarkably thin and therefore allowing for greater sensitivity.

Additionally, Trojan Brand Condoms are touting the company's relatively new addition to its condom stable: ''Ecstasy.'' This latex condom has a unique design, making it snugger at the base and quite roomy at the business end. Trojan calls it ''super comfort shape.''

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Rating Rubbers Shopping around, however, Phillips has come to prefer one condom in particular, Trojan's "Magnum." And while he found the Ecstasy a pleasant change of pace

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Trojan is a brand name of condoms manufactured by the Church & Dwight Company. ... Trojan produces 30 different varieties of condom.[3] Among the types are Magnum ...

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